Tangxun Lake Pipe Project

  • 2022-04-14

  • 运营部


Location:Wuhan, Hubei

Project Name:Tangxun Lake Sewage Treatment Plant Tail Water  Project

Equipment:4000 rock MTBM

Geology:Strongly weathered argillaceous siltstone, moderately weathered argillaceous siltstone

Total Length:724.38m completed successfully

Difficulities:The access road for the shaft construction is laid from the ring road to the village road, all of which pass through dense residential areas and narrow country roads. The construction environment is complex, the surrounding protection requirements are high, the lake is surrounded by water, the geological conditions are poor, the high-voltage cables are near, and the safety risks are high.

Significance:This project is a livelihood project to restore the ecology of Tangxun Lake and the surrounding water system and improve the quality of life of the surrounding residents.